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Weigh-In Sunday: 132.6

Hi, all! Something a little different on this blog. I am shifting my weight a little, and I thought I’d track what I am doing and my progress on this blog through a weekly check-in post. At the moment, I expect to want to reach 115 or so pounds, which is a 17.6 lb weight loss. For reference, I am about 5′ 6″ tall. I am 28 years old, female, and have no children—if those things matter.


There are a few good reasons to make this change. I am definitely not overweight, but I know that healthier eating and exercise patterns in my life would naturally lead to a much lower weight than the one where I sit at the moment. So I am pursuing that because I’ve witnessed how much havoc eating too much or making unhealthy choices can bring to how I feel inside.

The reason I am tracking this here is to benefit anyone who is or will embark on their own weight change journey. Sometimes inspiration from others who’ve gone before you or who are walking the same path as you can be worth so much! And I feel like providing that in this small way can be a great opportunity for me to do something good with this platform.

Thanks to the fact that I’ve already developed some great habits around food and exercise (generally) I expect that “systemifying” and intensifying those habits will be the main challenge for me, and frankly I expect that to be really easy. I feel confident and totally capable of making this small change in my life, and I have bigger, more beautiful and fulfilling challenges happening all around me every day. So this will be a super small part of my journey!


I have always been a huge cardio person, jogging outside, going swimming, and cycling indoors. I will be ramping this up and substituting my jogs with elliptical sessions, since on most days at the moment, it is far too cold to actually go running outside. But no promises, I may still sneak in a run or two here and there.

In addition to cardio, which is my strength point and what I don’t really need much inspiration to do, is my Tone it Up studio regimen. If you don’t know about Tone it Up Studio, let me tell you about it. It’s an app with a paid subscription option that posts a new toning workout each day. The length of these workouts is between 20–30 minutes, and they are really effective but 100% doable.

I plan to do between 3–5 Tone it Up workouts each week, hopefully closer to 5, but in the months I have already been doing TIU (since November), I know that my body can get really sore with the 5-day schedule.


My diet is also more or less on track, and like my current exercise regimen, it just needs a little bit of refinement. My intention is to eat much smaller meals and more frequently. I can get away with eating fewer total calories this way than I could if I were to rely on two or three bigger meals, even though that’s definitely my body’s “natural” eating preference (skip breakfast and eat a really big lunch and dinner).

I eat a mostly plant-based diet, about 90% of my meals are vegan, and I plan to continue eating this way.

I expect to lose 1–2 pounds a week, but experience tells me that our bodies go through ups and downs, life hands us more temptation on some days than others, and sometimes we can get just too busy to keep up with our intended routine. So of course I am going to be flexible: this is not the biggest priority in my life. I work, I am a student, I have hobbies, I want to have time for fun, etc. This is a minor side project, and it really doesn’t need to be anything more than that in order to be effective.

Post Format

The format of my posts will be casual and flexible. You can expect a recap of my exercise routine AND a little about how exercising that much made me feel. Part of the natural process of intensifying one’s exercise routine is fatigue and tiredness.

In addition to this, I will share what I eat for my meals and any ups or downs with regard to my process. I will also be sharing my Sunday morning weigh-in results with each post.

Change is easy with confidence and the right attitude! Have you ever been at a point in your life where you wanted to make a change? How did you start?