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First Dinner Party and Tips!

On Monday I hosted my first ever dinner party, and it was a success! That’s a loose use of the term dinner party, which in this case involved three of my closest friends coming over for some food after work. I am incredibly proud of myself, and I think if you haven’t done this before you […]

Cooking For a Weekend Away

I came back from vacation on Friday and immediately I couldn’t wait to start eating more nourishing, healthy food. During my almost two weeks in London and Paris I ate “whatever” I wanted, which amounted to very few veggies and far too much sugar (especially in a deliciously boulangerie-filled Paris… Can anyone blame me?) So […]

On My Plate

Dinner was brown rice with black beans cooked with chicken broth. I used a can of organic black beans and long grain brown rice. I “steamed” a carrot and broccoli in a pan with a couple tablespoons of water, then wilted some baby spinach. Yesterday, I found a beautiful piece of salmon at the store […]

26 Things I’ve Learned in my 26 Years—

This is a steal from Klossy, Karlie Kloss’s Youtube channel. She posted a video last year that featured 23 things she had learned in 23 years. Well, today, still December 29 as I write, was my birthday. And I turned 26. Though it seems like I barely had enough time to get used to saying […]