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Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Lotion

Some skins need a little more hydration than others! While I tried the waste-free approach of using bulk-store-bought coconut oil as my sole body moisturizer for months, the results were less than stellar. The absorption rate of coconut oil is quite low and it took very little time for both the smell and the grease […]

A Green Elixir

It’s as if every particle in this luscious green juice was designed to nourish your body. The faint smell of citrus makes your mouth water, and the slightly grassy smell of the spinach and spring greens strengthen an earthy connection. You are indubitably doing something good for yourself. The river of juice flows from your […]

A Change of Plans

The first definition for root, the verb, on Webster’s is “to furnish with or enable to develop roots.” I use root mostly only when referring to root vegetables and tubers, sometimes garden weed roots when talking to my mom about her garden. Then today, sending the pointer of my brain in search of the right word and […]

Staying With the Earth

Simplifying feels so good. This is almost perfect, and it’s so easy to actually get there. The bulk shop was a 10-minute walk and I chose the convenience of the bagged chick peas and brown rice. The devil of convenience… I know, I know. Everything else is out of a package and in my reusable […]

Coconut Milk Milk Chocolate (Vegan)

Happy 4th of July! It was Canada Day long weekend here across the border, and it was so nice to spend time with my family celebrating this beautiful country. I love Canada and feel so fortunate to be here. I started my Canada Day, on July 1st, by grabbing a soy matcha latte to go […]

Pick-Your-Own Fruit Season

It’s strawberry picking season, and my family has a tradition of going almost every year. We go fruit picking every year, and it’s usually strawberries around this time. We chose to go to a farm about a 40-minute drive away from us, and as always I’m glad we went—especially since the weather cooperated. This is […]