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Soul Journal: A Framework of Growth

My body is rejecting salt, oil, and caffeine. That’s a strange thing to write, it sounds a bit hocus-pocus to me. How would you know what your body is rejecting? I get high blood pressure when I eat foods with those things in them. I also get high blood pressure when I listen to loud […]

Soul Journal: Letting a Good Thing Go

Two weeks ago, on a Monday, I took the plunge and pressed print on my resignation letter from a job that has brought so much growth to my life. A year ago in March, I began working in the highly competitive field of book publishing, doing something that gave me a hand in the creation […]

The Caveats of Eco-Living and Starbucks

I have been trying to reduce the amount of garbage I produce lately. I’ve been aware of this for some time, but it’s only recently that I’ve been making an extra effort. It’s a sad fact that I should call it eco-living when it’s merely common sense. Why fill the world with garbage when I […]

Finding What You Seek

This post is like nothing I usually put up here, but I learned a beautiful lesson today and it really made me understand what I am doing wrong in terms of looking for certain things—looking for a good partner, a better fitting career, a better social life, etc. Basically, anything. This morning, I got up […]

Five Podcasts I Love

Listening to podcasts is one of my favourite ways to stay occupied on my 45-minute commute in the mornings and afternoons. I love sitting back in the early mornings and letting my mind drift to the conversations and interesting talks these podcasts provide. I keep all of my podcasts on an app called Pockets Casts […]

Rendezvous in Kensington (Reflection)

It’s not true that you can’t travel back in time… Sometimes the past calls us back to itself and forces us to face it. Yesterday I found myself in the Toronto of my teenage dreams. I couldn’t have suspected it, in fact my mind was on the mostly terrible eight months I had spent living […]