Udemy for Classical Pilates


Classical Pilates includes the modifier classical to indicate that it more closely resembles founder Joseph Pilates’ method of Contrology (or what is now just referred to as simply Pilates). A weight-bearing, low-impact, and mind-body type of exercise, Pilates stretches and strengthens the muscles, developing them in a balanced fashion aimed at increasing everyday functionality. From experience, adherence to this practice results in more bodily ease, and an increased sense of balance and freedom within one’s self. And this seems to hold true for practitioners starting at any age.

To me, Pilates is all that and more, and if you haven’t tried it, the short online course I am about to recommend in this post might just be the perfect place to start!

I will start by saying that I never expected to have a reason to sign up for Udemy. I knew about them through online ads, but there didn’t seem to be anything on there that I wouldn’t find from a quick Youtube search. But, desperate times and all that! I was getting ready for a Power Pilates training, and I just wanted something more to supplement the readings I had been assigned to complete.

One of the top Google results I came across for at-home Pilates training was Josie McKenlay’s Pilates Teacher Training Course. The course is fully online, and I didn’t know about Josie prior to signing up, but I am so glad I took a risk and did!

Even though the title of the course includes “teacher training,” this is a great starter course that can be used to understand Pilates on a deeper level and receive greater benefit from classes you may take at a local studio through the application of that understanding and the Pilates principles. What I am assured of following this course is that two people in the exact same drop-in Pilates class who are at a similar level of fitness could be doing two completely different things just by virtue of their level of understanding of Pilates.

The course does not have to be very time intensive (though you can watch the videos as many times as you like), and it’s a self-paced, with some very reasonable reading material—such as easy-to-understand anatomy and physiology charts—and lots of engaging videos made my Josie. It also only costs about $15.

I particularly loved the explanatory videos for each series of movements because they helped me to understand the minute details of each of poses and the many variations each one can take, in addition to how to keep the all-important neutral spine during each movement and how to modify as needed to find a neutral spine.

The class also offers three full-length (about one hour each) classes based on the beginner, intermediate and advanced Pilates moves that come together to create delicious sequences that provide a really great full-body workout.

I would not replace this training with in-person sessions with an instructor or an in-person Pilates certification course largely because without an expert spotting and correcting your movements, you won’t know if you’re teaching the right way (even if you’re intending to).

If you are interested, Josie also offers several other courses on Udemy, and for about $15, each one is honestly a steal. The best part is that you can try the courses without signing up. You can view a few of the introductory videos and decide whether the course is right for you.

Let me know if you plan to try it and if you have any questions about my experience! Also, I paid for this myself, and I am not being paid to shill this course or Udemy. (In fact, I’m still not a fan of Udemy! 🙂

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