Running and Tacos — How Everything Gets Better


A few days ago, I was feeling a little bit down. I had been going through a job recruitment process that tested me in a way that well clarified my intentions and desires in terms of the kind of employment relationships I want to create in my life. That is, I desire an employer that values my time just as much as they expect me to value theirs in the recruitment and interview stage.

During the interview stage, if I took a day to think about something, I would let these people know. If I had to create a sample of work for them, I had a deadline to follow. In return, however, I was given no timeline or expectation for when I would hear back regarding their decision. In the days following, I received many Linkedin notifications of the same two people from the company looking at my (empty!) profile multiple times without any contact to give me any type of feedback. I decided it was enough and withdrew from the process.

Part of the experience is due to the fact that I cared so much about this job. I was really excited. Before choosing to submit my candidacy for the role, I took time to research the firm and really think about whether I could see myself doing the work. I could—really well!

This was a positive experience because whereas before I had the “freedom” to tip-toe around what I truly desire and the types of work relationships that bring me joy, I can no longer avoid it now. The contrast in seeing and experiencing something different was the push I needed to begin intentionally creating something new and prioritizing something new.

Withdrawing from the application process was a brave decision from my part, but I’m learning to be more and more confident in my own ability to create something new and different.

To put myself back in my usual happy wiles, I went for a jog and then made some tacos, and I wanted to share with you. It can take so little to turn a day or week or few weeks around. Getting into my body and moving is a great way to release tension, and I absolutely recommend it. Even if you’re feeling the fatigue of too much challenge/overwhelm or the seeming emptiness of hopelessness, lace up if you can, get outside, and move within your bounds.


I jogged an easy 5.5 km around my neighbourhood at around sunset and loved every step. It wasn’t a fast run, but I could feel the way my body felt changing, and I knew I was in for some runner’s high once I got home! I burned 393 calories according to my Samsung Health app, but I think about 50 of those were burned before the jog.

On that day I also indulged in the Dirty John podcast while I jogged. This is just a fire story! I’m not a huge slang person, so you know if I’m using “fire” to describe a show, it’s because I’m genuinely lost for words. Like, this is the cream of the crop of true crime for me. It’s a story featuring Debra, a wealthy interior designer and furniture/design shop owner, who was targeted by a John Meehan, a man with a heavy criminal past and active drug addictions looking to take her money.

When he didn’t succeed, he took things an extra, scary step forward! And I just don’t wanna ruin the rest. Give it a listen if true crime is your thing. It’s usually not mine, but I was sucked into this one and it’s a good story.

Then, I got home and took a good shower. I did my hair, makeup, got dressed and went out to pick up the few ingredients I was missing to attempt a recipe. Well, not quite a recipe.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 7.38.15 PM

How amazing do these look? Okay, this is an Instagram shot of vegan tacos from the soon-to-open Sugar Taco LA Mexican vegan restaurant. You can check out photos of some of their delicious-looking offerings here on their Instagram page.

I had seen this photo in my feed more than once, and I don’t blame them for reposting. These tacos look absolutely devourable. So I decided that as my treat/turn-my-day around fun plan, I would try to recreate these.

I picked up Tofurkey Chorizo ground “beef,” salsa verde, radishes, cilantro, and soft flour tacos. I was planning to make the tacos at home with masa, which I have in the pantry, but the taco kit was on a $1.99 special, so I couldn’t resist. I had onions at home, and I couldn’t figure out what the greens topping the tacos are. Do you know?

This was my end result! They were pretty tasty, and they hit the spot after my run. Even more than the flavour and taste, I felt really happy with my evening of creativity and self-care.  I think in the future, with a few spice tweaks, I’d want to attempt these again. I think I would want to mix my own spice blend instead of going for the Chorizo ground next time. I also added some hot green peppers, but they actually weren’t that hot, so they didn’t add much of a kick. 🙂


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