I Love This Style Blogger; You Might, Too!

I love having a roster of bloggers to inspire me, and weekends are just the best time to catch up on them—preferably with a hot drink. For me, the two minutes I spend connecting with a favourite blogger elevate the rest of my day, so they are totally worth it. If you’re reading the right lifestyle blogs, reading a post should honestly net you more than a cup of coffee in motivation and inspiration.

In fact, I would never bother with blogs if they didn’t give me something more than style inspiration or decoration ideas, or whatever the blog is about on a surface level. That’s because on a deeper level, the blogger-reader relationship is about a personal connection, in every case—for me—with someone I admire and want to emulate in some way. After an interaction, I walk away with a fuller inspiration tank, feeling humbler, wanting to try harder, work better, pay more attention to detail… Just be a better me. And today I wanna bring you a little bit about one of my favourite blogs, in case you haven’t heard about it.

It’s called Carly the Prepster (links at the bottom of this post). It’s a style and lifestyle blog written and curated by Carly Heitlinger (you wouldn’t know her from anywhere else, but that’s her name). She used to blog under the monicker The College Prepster, and I have been hooked on her blog for a couple years now. She is a mid-twenties girl living in New Jersey, and she blogs about lifestyle and style on a daily basis. Her blog posts are always complemented by beautifully shot photos and her writing voice is conversational. As a reader, I always feel like I’m reading a personal email from a longtime friend.

I have not only gained so much style inspiration from her (something my wardrobe actually needs), but just life inspiration in general. I find she makes an effort to truly live as and portray the best version of herself. Her attention to detail, discipline and perseverance inspire me so much, as well. Can I describe her better than to just say that she is one of those slightly (but still super high functioning) OCD, hyper-organized people you wish you could be? Not everyone would consider that a compliment, but I promise that it comes from the bottom of my heart as exactly that.

I don’t want to exaggerate, but it really is hard to overstate that there’s something special about her blog and, I hate this word,  but also about her brand. She’s not just another style blogger… You could recognize a Carly outfit from two miles out—her style is that coherent—and to me it never gets boring.

I find that Carly has found a way to strike the perfect balance between aspirational and practical content. You’ll definitely leave her blog or Instagram page aspiring to bake a gingham cake, build a gallery wall, and make a dent in your wallet at the nearest J. Crew, but if you follow her on Instagram, for example, you will also see post notifications about amazing sales for specific items she’s worn in posts—which are almost always to die for. I find those super helpful.

Her style is fun and feminine but still classy, and I would feel comfortable wearing many of the outfits she styles in everyday situations, which adds such an important layer of depth to my interactions with her posts. I walk away able to apply what I’ve learned from her to my life, and this is true for her dating advice, her office tours, and her easy recipes, not just fashion. It all just transfers. Many other bloggers by comparison present their content in a way that looks phenomenal for them and on them, but that would not be applicable to my life or the dress requirements for social situations that I would find myself in on the daily.

I know that lots of you might not know about her yet, which is why I wrote this blog post. So hop on over to her site and social media and see what you think.

Here are her best links:

Her website: Carly the Prepster

Her Youtube channel (she has over 130 videos!): Carly the Prepster

Her Instagram: @Carly

My only warning or bit of skepticism about Carly’s blog is that it implicitly promotes and inspires consumerism. She does address this in some of her posts, which is really unlike most style bloggers, and I really do feel her intentions are pure. I would love to one day find a blogger with Carly’s enthusiasm and personality whose fashion has a mind for minimalism (or at least less consumption) and kindness (no leather!). I haven’t found those two things in combination yet.

If you’re also aspiring to be a lifestyle influencer like Carly, read some of the thoughts I shared about the book Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media by Brittany Hennessy, director of influencer strategy at Hearst, a large American media company. What’s great about Brittany is that she’s sat on both sides of the proverbial table; while she manages influencers today, she was an influencer herself, working with large brands, just a few years ago through her own blog.


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