Coconut Milk Milk Chocolate (Vegan)

Happy 4th of July! It was Canada Day long weekend here across the border, and it was so nice to spend time with my family celebrating this beautiful country. I love Canada and feel so fortunate to be here.


I started my Canada Day, on July 1st, by grabbing a soy matcha latte to go from Starbucks and walking around my neighbourhood. I enjoyed watching the Canada Day parade and eventually ventured to Whole Foods, one of my favourite places to peruse and shop.

I wasn’t looking for anything specific that morning. I was just in a really good mood, and frankly just wanted a break from the humidity outside. As I was wandering down the aisles, I took a break to admire the wall of chocolate bars. Not only is it impressively stocked with brands I have never seen or heard of (endangered species chocolate, anyone?) most seemed to be produced by companies making good—or better—choices and supporting good causes.


And then my eye caught this Organic Fair coco-milk chocolate bar! While my favourite non-dairy milks are soy and almond, this was still amazing as I am lactose intolerant and dislike the viscosity of dairy milk.

Somehow, industry has caught up to providing nondairy offerings of everything from yogurt to feta cheese to pizza, but it has left chocolate mostly unconquered.

Through the years of occasionally searching, I had found some nondairy chocolate brands online, like Moo Free, but the prices seemed overblown, not to mention added shipping costs to Canada.

In addition to being dairy free, this Organic Fair bar is also refined sugar free (it’s sweetened with coconut sugar), organic, and at least partially made following Fair Trade practices. So I was happy to indulge and support the company, despite the (relatively) steep price tag of $4.39 for a small bar of chocolate.


The bar itself turned out to be still a bit on the dark side for me, containing 60% cacao. It had a really creamy texture and tasted lightly coconut flavoured. Unlike most dairy milk bars, I found I actually had to chew…the squares didn’t simply melt in my mouth, and I couldn’t quite place the slightly sour aftertaste left on my tongue following each square. Maybe that would not have been an issue if it had been a bit sweeter. It was sweet, but not as much as a candy store dairy milk chocolate bar.

You can find the array of chocolate bars produced by Organic Fair here. They also sell organic essential oils and organic spices.


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