Pick-Your-Own Fruit Season

It’s strawberry picking season, and my family has a tradition of going almost every year. We go fruit picking every year, and it’s usually strawberries around this time. We chose to go to a farm about a 40-minute drive away from us, and as always I’m glad we went—especially since the weather cooperated.


This is such a great way to support a local farm and in some small way to be involved with the farming process—the harvest! I have been speaking to the owners of a farm in British Columbia, where I am seriously considering volunteering. This strawberry picking brought me closer to what would await me if I were to take on the task over there. And by that I mean, gosh, there is a lot of crouching involved in strawberry picking, and you need strong muscles and good knees!


How beautiful are these? I know how spoiled I am to live so near a farm that offers a pick-your-own option. And aside from the obvious fun of spending a morning or afternoon picking fruit, eating it afterward might offer a higher level of nutrients than what you’d find at the supermarket, which is usually picked unripe and has been in transit for some time.


I took a lot longer to fill up my basket than other people because I was really careful to only pick the strawberries that were just right. This photo doesn’t do the size of the container justice. It was huge, and the whole thing, filled up, cost about $8—so much cheaper than buying from the shop.


The farm also offered a strawberry wine selection. I really didn’t know this existed until trying it here. I sampled a fruitier wine, the one in the photo, and a drier wine, as well. With the drier one, you couldn’t really taste the strawberry flavour as much and for a wine novice like me, the fruity Strawberry Sensation was the most appealing.

This winery website recommends pairing strawberry wine with appetizers, salads, salmon or shellfish, and dessert. Then it notes that it makes great sangria. My bottle is just sitting pretty on the counter for now. I’ll have to do more research before deciding how to drink it.

If you’ve got a farm near you that offers a pick-your-own option, definitely consider going there. You might even be surprised to find out that you do live near one—Google is your friend. I didn’t have the foresight to take my own containers this time, but I imagine you could have them tared beforehand and fill those up instead of the disposable baskets.


Shh! Fresh strawberries, a mini sponge cake, and coconut whipped cream with black tea are the best recourse to having crouched in the sun picking fruit all morning. 😉


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