Clinique Seven Day Scrub


I started using Clinique’s Seven Day Scrub Cream (rinse-off formula) a few days ago, and I wanted to share some thoughts. It’s quite different from the Exfoliating Scrub I’d been looking  for (and couldn’t find), but I still like it—maybe even more. First things, scrubbing is an amazing way to stimulate growth of new skin cells, especially after your early twenties, when skin regeneration and collagen building need an extra push.

I personally love scrubbing because it helps to keep my pores from getting congested and when I do get the odd breakout, it clears the resulting red patch faster than if I weren’t exfoliating.

The cream-like texture of the product moisturizes even after I’ve rinsed off, but there’s definitely some exfoliating action happening as well. I really like that I can mediate how deeply I exfoliate based on how long I spend massaging my skin (30-90 seconds). That way, I can get a better scrubbing some days, while giving my skin a rest on others.

This product is designed for daily use and it should be suitable for most skin types. It’s not too abrasive. I do find that for me it works best on semidry or dry skin, rather than outright wet skin (the micro-granules just slide instead of “gripping” my skin when it’s totally wet).


How do you like your facial scrub? I’ve been a fan of the more abrasive version of this one from Clinique (the Exfoliating Scrub) for my combination skin but using this daily is growing on me.

 $26 at The Hudson’s Bay in Canada for 3.4 oz/100 ml. 


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