26 Things I’ve Learned in my 26 Years—

This is a steal from Klossy, Karlie Kloss’s Youtube channel. She posted a video last year that featured 23 things she had learned in 23 years. Well, today, still December 29 as I write, was my birthday. And I turned 26.

My birthday just a few years ago :p

Though it seems like I barely had enough time to get used to saying I am 25 (and now I am 26? Already? What?) this is a hugely exciting day. It’s truly a celebration for me and it’s a time for reflection, as well. This year of all the years in my life, I have taken some of the biggest steps and I’ve learned and relearned some really important lessons!

I took notes at lunch. Here they are:

  1. Life is what you make it
  2. It’s a balance of pleasure and pain
  3. It’s good to stay connected to the past but not to live in it
  4. Education and skills are very important
  5. Being on time matters
  6. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Do the best you can where you are!
  7. Get outside and adventure to new places.
  8. Don’t spend time with people that don’t enrich your life.
  9. Social media is great for staying in touch, if you make the effort
  10. Planning saves the day, almost every time
  11. Spend money on experiences and things that enrich your life
  12. Not everyone is going to like you… Let them, in peace
  13. Podcasts might be the best thing about the new millennium—listen to them.20161230_002636_001-1-1
  14. Netflix is overrated.
  15. Kindness wins—
  16. When your neighbours are making too much noise, just turn on the fan
  17. Vintage jewelry and clothes will always have a place in my heart.
  18. Love yourself but some flaws are easy to fix…
  19. Motivation takes pushing but inspiration pulls you. You can only push so hard…so take the time to get inspired
  20. Instagram is not real life.
  21. Back up your photos and your files!
  22. Get help, you’ll live through it
  23. Sleep is essential
  24. A mug of tea, a blanket, and your favourite movie can make everything better
  25. But sometimes you need a glass of wine.
  26. Age is just a number… Growing up is hard work!
Cousins. I’m the little one.



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